When Dreams Don’t Come True

The emotional roller coaster is real. When you have a dream and you put everything into it but on the other side it doesn’t workout. What do you do when the wave of sadness keeps blindsiding you? What do you do when you feel at a stand still? The fortune but unfortunate part is I have felt this wave of sadness before so I know it will pass and I know things will workout for my good. What I will do in this moment is pause. Pause to take in all the blessings I have experienced along this journey. The people I have met, inspired, been inspired by and personal growth. The fact that I am fortunate enough to chase my dream, to have a dream and then after that dream realize Life goes on. Life is going to be full of opportunities, ups and downs and it will always come down to how I handle it all. There was a time when I didn’t handle it well and my health did suffer but growing through the years and understanding that without a healthy Dawn none of this matters. I know even in the intense pursuit of my dream I had to pause and take time to check in with me. It was hard because at times that didn’t feel like I was moving forward. I’m suppose to be working, thinking, moving. Nope in those moments I was suppose to be checking in.

The reality is, that is moving forward because like I just said without a healthy Dawn no Dream can even be accomplished. Pausing for me included taking my Isolate Drops from BioFit360. Taking these droplets gave me the added confidence of knowing in my time of pause and relaxing I was giving my body what it needed, to regain focus, calmness. Calmness is what I was looking for in these times. Now on the other side of this dream what am I looking for? It’s still calmness. Keeping a level head and going back to see what I can improve on and possibly do different OR sometimes it’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Sometimes you did everything in your power to fight for this dream and it just didn’t work out. Remembering that you are still a boss, a go getter and next time you will come with even more drive and that’s more than enough. We live in a world where it seems like everything works out for everyone and that’s just not true. You have to fight to get to where you want to be and overcome a lot. This is just part of my journey and as a tear rolls down my cheek I accept that wholeheartedly. I hope you accept your journey and however it looks too.